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1.  FILL OUT THE QUESTIONNAIRE…The questionnaire enables me to understand your needs and wants and figure out what truly reflects what you desire.

2.  PHOTOGRAPH ALL FOUR WALLS…Photograph all 4 walls of the room, making sure to photograph the entire wall from side to side, and ceiling to floor.

3.  TAKE PHOTOS OF EXISTING FURNITURE…Take photos of items you want to keep and work into the design.  Please include height, width, and depth.

4.  MEASURE ROOM AND CREATE DRAWINGS…Grab a partner and measure the footprint of the room and record on paper as if you were looking down.  This will be your footprint.  Next, measure each wall indicating door openings, window locations, electrical outlets, and AC vents.  The accuracy of this information will aid in the best furniture placement possible.

5.  GATHER INSPIRATION IMAGES…Include 3 to 4 images of rooms that you have found in magazines or from the Internet, that you feel best illustrate the way you would like your room to look and feel.

6.  UPLOAD MATERIALS…Once these preliminary tasks are completed, you can scan all your items and upload the information and send them on their way to havenbyhayden [at] hotmail [dot] com.

7.  CHECK EMAIL INBOX…Make sure to check your email periodically as questions may arise to help complete your design process.



1.  ANALYZE YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE…I pay special attention to what inspires you and determine what your style should be to fit your design.

2.  REVIEW YOUR ROOM PHOTOGRAPHS…Your photos and room drawings will allow me to better visualize what you see every day.  This helps me to seamlessly integrate your furniture placement plan into the set parameters of the room.

3.  VIEW PHOTOS AND DIMENSIONS OF EXISTING FURNITURE…This process helps me determine what pieces you wish to pull into the design.

4.  ASSIMILATE YOUR INSPIRATION PHOTOS…These photos help to show what your goal is for the space.  I will analyze these inspiration photos and create a unique design that reflects the things that you fell in love with in these photos.

5.  SCALE AND DIMENSION YOUR NEW ROOM…Using your measurements, I will draft up a ‘to scale’ floor plan using CAD (computer aided drawing) to show the new furniture placement.

6.  CREATE VISUAL TOOLS FOR YOU THAT ARTICULATE OUR DESIGN…I will design and put together colors, fabrics, and furnishings, a ‘to scale’ floor plan, and a story board with all the information needed to complete your design.

7.  MANAGE THE TIMING AND SCHEDULE OF YOUR DESIGN IN A BOX…Your Design in a Box will be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks of starting.  I will keep you in the loop throughout the design process so that you know where I am with your design.

8.  OFFER SUPPORT AND ANSWER QUESTIONS…As you implement your design, I am here to offer support or answer any questions that you may have.  Please feel free to contact me and I will help answer your questions.




Within 4 to 6 weeks from when I receive your information, you will receive a box containing your very own design on your doorstep.  I will notify you by email when your Design in a Box has been shipped.

Your Design in a Box will include, some or all, of the following:

1.  ROOM ILLUSTRATION…The room illustration will give a visual of what the finished room will look like, complete with furniture, fabrics, lighting, and accessories.

2.  FURNITURE PLAN…This ‘to scale’ drawing will enable you to visualize where each piece of furniture will go and will give you a guide as to where to place the furniture.

3.  DESIGN STORYBOARD…This board allows you to visualize how all of the items relate to each other and give you a sense of how everything works together to create a cohesive space.

4.  FABRIC/PAINT SELECTIONS…If your design calls for fabrics (not store bought/ready made), you will receive a fabric ring which holds all the specified fabrics.  This ring will also include wall coverings and paint chips that make up your soft elements.  All items will be carefully marked as to which furnishings and areas they are intended for.

5.  TABLE OF ITEMS…Table will include all items that need to be purchased, where they can be purchased, and for what price.


Please contact me for pricing or for any questions you may have.

havenbyhayden [at] hotmail [dot] com

Regardless…small projects or large projects, I can help you come to a solution for your space.  Whether the project be as small as picking fabric or paint colors or to designing or redesigning your entire home!


7 Responses to all boxed up

  1. AManda Hirst Whyte says:

    do you send to Australia?
    saw lovely design in a box you had done for friends of ours in WAshington!!!
    could you give me a rough idea as to the approx cost of design in a box may be???
    thank you

  2. Cynthia Fletcher says:

    All Boxed Up is a great concept and your work looks fabulous! I’m interested, also, in what the approximate cost is for All Boxed Up..
    Thank you.

  3. michelle walsh says:

    Hi, I am really interested in your boxed up service. I recently purchased a home and don’t know where to start. Can you email me with pricing?

  4. Queen Mary says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Off to collect (organize) my inspiration pictures!

  5. Kathleen Heifrin says:

    Totally awesome idea. You have captured a need, for those of us who know style when we see it but cant create it. Im very interested in the cost of the service. So glad you were featured today.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Wow…love your boxed up idea. We just purchased a new house…is it best to use this one room at a time or several (dining room and kitchen w/eat-in area including island) at a time?

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