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One of my most favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday is to wrap gifts.  Growing up my Mom would stick me in a room, all gifts labeled, and let me wrap till my heart was content!  I LOVED it!  And it worked well for her too, because she wasn’t too big of a fan of wrapping…a win win!

Today I love getting to sit in front of a Christmas movie or listen to Christmas music as I wrap.  I can wrap for hours on end and be content!  One thing that I love is getting to pick out the papers to wrap with!  There are so many gorgeous ways to wrap…beautiful bows, wonderful tags to make, and if you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen them!  But sometimes life just doesn’t allow for all that extra time to make your own wrapping paper, make your own bows, or tags.

So, here are some papers that work well together.  They’re different, but can create unity and beauty under the tree.  These papers are all from Target (which I’m sure you can tell from the red buggy!)…so feel free to hit them up for paper!

And here’s some tips on how to pick out papers:

1  Papers don’t have to be the same or even the same color…create interest with different patterns, different textures, different bows, different tags.  Just make sure they compliment each other and go together.

2  Pick a minimum of two different papers…I prefer three different papers…odd numbers are always best in design…adds interest!

3  Go with the colors/theme of your Christmas tree.  If you decorate in red and green think about using those colors, blue and teals (very in this year) think about that.  If you have a more modern/contemporary tree think about papers that are more modern looking.

4  Don’t neglect the bows and ribbons…this is the finishing touch on the gift!  Beautiful satin, grosgrain ribbons, twine, raffia..whatever fits your style of papers.  Did you know that The Dollar Tree sells satin and grosgrain ribbons for $1???

5  Branch out from the sticker tags and think creative.  Hand write names or initials on tags made from scrapbook paper, or do like I did and use a Cricut to cut out tags, names, and initials.  Maybe even check out Target right now in their dollar bin…cute silver glittered letter ornaments for $1!

Here are a few paper combinations…and check back tomorrow for gift wrapping ideas!

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  1. Kitty says:

    Great ideas with gift wrap! I always seem to get in a rut when it comes down to it!

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