All Lemon’d Up

So maybe you don’t want to paint your whole room Lemon Sorbet…but what about some accessories?  Here are a few to get your home light, bright and trendy.

Woven Stripe Hand Towel | WEST ELM

Alexis Ceramic Table Lamp | POTTERY BARN

Le Poeme II Indoor/Outdoor Rug | BALLARD DESIGNS

Yellow Bentwood Chairs | PIECES

Climbing Vines Curtain | ANTHROPOLOGIE

Yellow Ceramic Stool | TONIC HOME

Yellow Scroll Pill |  SOUTH OF MARKET

Perpetual Blooms Towels | ANTHROPOLOGIE

Boos Gathering Island |  WILLIAM SONOMA HOME

Tali Printed Shower Curtain | WEST ELM

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Color Trend for 2013

Benjamin Moore is naming the color trend for 2013 and it’s Lemon Sorbet.  They say, ” Uplifting without being overpowering, lemon sorbet (2019-60) complements almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.”

What do you think?  Love it or hate it?

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Day at the Zoo

One of my children’s favorite things is going to the zoo.

Every time is like the first time.  My oldest, Kaisson knows exactly where each animal is and charts the course as soon as we get there.

(And yes, this is Oklahoma…I would have never guessed it could look like this!)

My youngest, Kerith, loves spotting all the animals and eating all the snacks.  Kid can put away the food!

Thankfully we bought a zoo pass and can go as often as we want…this has come in handy and we have definitely gotten our money’s worth.

Isn’t it fun seeing things through the eyes of a child?  I love seeing their excitement about all the different animals.  Always something new to see and learn!

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Fall is in full bloom here…leaves starting to change, mums, pansies, pumpkins everywhere.  The boys are fascinated by the trees changing, the leaves falling, and all the pumpkins!  They have all kinds of ideas about what they want their pumpkins to look like and ask every day when they can carve their pumpkins.   Did you like carving pumpkins when you were little?  I know that’s always been such a fun thing.  Even as an adult I remember carving pumpkins with my brother and my husband.  As an artist, it’s a fun bit of creativity!

Here’s some inspirations for your front porches as fall rings in and Halloween approaches.  Best part, some of these could roll right into November for Thanksgiving…love that!  Feel free to click on the pictures to be redirected to the original site.

Need ideas for Halloween or Fall/Thanksgiving?  Check out my Pinterest boards HERE.

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A Cause Worth Getting Behind

Emily Jones, a wonderful blogger, has said that as a blogger it’s nice to have a cause to stand behind.  So, today I’m standing behind Freedom 4/24.

Did you know that sex trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing crime worldwide?  It brings in $27 billion every year.  Most of the girls are young and are sold for profit because their families are poor and in need of money to survive.  Can you imagine?

Freedom 4/24 Promo Video 1 from Freedom424 on Vimeo.

Freedom 4/24 is a non-profit organization that seeks to rescue these girls throughout the world and give them a hope and future.  They empower and educate these women to go far in life and give them the ultimate gift, the message about Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Lives are being changed each day through each individual that goes on mission trips to help rescue these women, as well as, all those who financially give to Freedom 4/24.

October 27th, is the ‘Run For Their Lives’ Race.  It involves a 5k walk/run and a 1k Fun Run for children.  This particular race is taking place in Oklahoma City.  There are other races taking place this weekend (20th) and you can find out where and get registered to walk/run HERE.  But, if you can’t race, they would still love for you to be a virtual runner.  You can register to walk/run or be a virtual runner HERE.

What an easy way to make a complete life change for these women and girls?  Being a part of something so much bigger!

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October Giveaway

The October giveaway is here.  I love Fall and it seems like it’s the time I want to cook and eat!  So, this month’s giveaway is filled with goodies for cooking, eating, and getting into the season in your kitchen!

1      Set of crochet dish towels and tea towels from Nana’s Rags

2      The Curiosity Shop Wood Handled Spatula

3      Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Coffee

4      Room Essential Mug

5     Autumn Harvest Candle by Scent Portfolio

6      Set of Fall Inspired Recipe Cards

7      Pot Holder by The Curiosity Shop

Make sure to follow ALL steps to get entered to win!  Here’s how to be entered to win…

The winner will be selected October 31.

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Party Time!

This weekend was party time and it was pirates to the max!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts and ideas about this party.  The boys had a blast!

Of course, we started the Pirate party off in pirate dress…what could be more appropriate!?!

After Daddy scared a few children with his pirate costume, the costumes came off (pirate mate hats and eye patches for the kids) and the kids were ready to dive in to their very own treasure hunt.  We had some that would make great pirates digging at all costs with sand flying everywhere!  , They all had fun finding their little treasures (from the Dollar Store) and putting them in their very own treasure chest.

All the party items came from Hobby Lobby, Target, and TJMAXX.  That adorable pirate ship cupcake stand and the mini red and white striped cupcake holders?  TJMAXX!  I love that place!

After some treasure hunting, gift opening (and playing), everyone was ready to dive into some cupcakes.  He had them blown out before the last note of the Happy Birthday Song!  The cupcakes were super melt in your mouth yummy…they were Paula Deen’s Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake, requested by the birthday boy himself.  Yum Yum!!!

Pirate party was a hit!  We are well stocked with all things pirate now; and the boys are having a blast imagining pirate adventures of their own!

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How Time Flies

Yesterday my oldest turned 4!  How did this happen?  It seems like yesterday I was wondering when he was going to show up!

He has been a blessing in my life.  It’s hard to remember life without him.

I love his sense of adventure, his imagination, his agility.  The kid can create all sorts of adventures and scale the highest heights.

He never meets a stranger and has such a big heart.  He is concerned about others and always makes sure that his brother, ‘Buddy’ as he calls him, is well taken care of.

I pray that he will be used in mighty ways by God.  That his no fear, meet no stranger attitude will change the lives of many. That he will be a mighty warrior for the Lord!

Kaisson, you are blessing to us.  I thank God everyday for giving you to us as a precious gift!  I love you so much!

And if you’re looking for an awesome photographer in Dallas area, you have to check out Jonnye Bower.  She is amazing and we love her!!!  She puts out the most beautiful work and is so much fun to work with!!!

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September Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the September giveaway.  It was a super fun giveaway and I’m so thankful for Lindsay at Stella and Dot and Rhonda at Shadow Jewels for donating beautiful jewelry!

So…now to the winner….

I just learned that Tender has her own blog.  So, if you need any help with style (like I do!) then she can hook you up!  Check her blog out!

Be watching in the next few days for the October giveaway!  It’ll be a fun one for Fall!!!

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Lollipop Labor of Love

Kaisson’s birthday party is finally here!  I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts, as well as, all the goodies I would need for the party.  Today I decided I needed to mark the lollipop making off the list.  Kaisson had found a Pirate candy mold a few weeks ago when I was out shopping for a client.  He has been so excited about them!  I can’t stand the sweet of them, but seems like the kids could care less!

I think they turned out pretty cute!  What do you think?  Maybe a little more patience on my part, they would be even cuter!

Stay tuned…next week I’ll be sharing all of the birthday fun with you!

Oh, and have you gotten signed up for the September giveaway yet?  You only have this weekend and winner will be announced Monday.  You do not want to miss out on this one.  It’s simple and free to get signed up!  And best of all, you get some awesome goodies if you win!!!  ENTER TO WIN HERE.

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