Rolling Wooden Box

A few weeks ago my Mom came up and we got to work on the boy’s room.  I have been so excited to get their room done because I just knew they would be so excited about it; and when we moved in we just threw furniture wherever to get it off the truck.  And where it landed, it stayed.  So, I was eager to make it look fun!

Last summer I came across these beverage wood boxes in someone’s trash in one of the historic neighborhoods in Oklahoma City.  I couldn’t believe they were throwing them out!  I pulled over, grabbed them, and put them in the garage knowing that I wanted to do something with them in the boy’s room.  They fit perfectly flanking each side of the closet and I decided they would be a great place to store shoes!  Each boy can have a box and shoes can be easily found and put back!

We started by picking up castor’s at Lowe’s.  There were many to choose from, but we chose the basic silver and black.  I began by placing my castor’s where I wanted them and using my pencil to mark their locations.

Then, I used a nail to start a pilot hole for my screw.  Once I did that, I put the castor back in place (with a little help, of course!) and began screwing in the screws. Once the screws were tightened it was good to go!

It was a very simple project and I love the result!  Something vintage with history and a great storage piece that the boys can use for years to come!

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