Girl Time

This past weekend I drove up to Tulsa and met up with my best college buddies!  We keep in touch and try to get together at least once or twice a year.  They are truly such a blessing in my life!!!  I could never find friends that I could laugh with more, be goofy with more, or be more broken in front of.  I know they always have my back and are always their to be my prayer warriors!!!

We called this weekend ‘Dirty Thirty’.  Some of us were turning 30 this year (not me, 32 this year!) and so one of the buddies and I decided we’d make up this trip.  We are far from dirty…only clean fun in our bunch!  But, we did get a little dirty…literally.   We ran the Color Run on Saturday.  This race is a blast whether you walk or run!  They throw color at you every kilometer and by the end you are completely covered in color.  Super fun race to do with friends or family!!!

And, of course we ate…lots!  Couldn’t miss out on chips and salsa (El Guapo), cheesecake (The Cheesecake Factory), pizza (Joe Momma’s), and a cinnamon roll as big as your head (yep, that’s what the menu said at Dilly Deli and they weren’t kidding!)…

And, what trip to Oklahoma would be complete without visiting a few of Route 66’s attractions?!?

Catoosa Blue Whale

It was a blast and a trip that I will remember for a lifetime!

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