Summer Bucket List

School is out and summer is here!  I love summer…the warm nights, staying light for so long, Sonic drinks (well, I like those all year!), the beach, planning vacations, ice cream, playing outside.

For those of us with kids, we only have 18 summers with them (probably less since summers will one day be filled with extra-curricular activities and wanting to hang out with friends!)  So, why not have a Summer Bucket List of things to do with your family or spouse?  They don’t have to be expensive…it’s just about making memories.  Here’s a neat way to have a visual of all the fun stuff to do for the summer.

What You’ll Need:

1 Bucket (From any craft, home improvement, dollar store)

1 Set of Clothespins (Can be purchased at a dollar store)

1 Sharpee Marker

Small slips of cardstock paper

Photopaper (if you decide to print from home)

To Get Started:

Brainstorm with your kids, grandkids, spouse about fun activities to do; and write them on the clothespins.  Attach them to the bucket and you’re ready to go.  As you complete the different activities, I thought it’d be fun to attach a picture of you at the activity.  You can also write out what your favorite part of the trip was.  For my two little ones, I just had them tell me what their favorite part was and we wrote it on the cardstock.  For those of you with multiple pictures, kids, responses…throw your memory slips and pictures into the bucket and by the end of the summer it’ll be filled up and be a fun thing to rummage back through to see all the fun!  Also, if you’re in to scrapbooking…this is a great time to grab all the pictures you’ve printed and all the memories that were written and compile them into a scrapbook.

Here are some of our activities that we chose:  zoo, splash park, train, feeding the ducks, baseball game, catching fireflies, camping in a tent in our new playground, learning some memory verses (short ones for my little ones).

So, get to planning!  There are millions of ideas on Pinterest.  If you’re in need of some ideas, check out my Activities for Kids board on Pinterest!

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