Sprucing Up For Spring

Well, Spring has sprung!  I suppose it sprung a while ago!  But, having been gone for a month I missed everything turning green, blooming, and growing.  Of course, some of that growing were those pesky weeds!  I spent part of the day in the front yard pulling them!  Our yard already has some beautiful plants and flowers.  The lady that lived here before us took great pride in her garden, and I would like to keep it up.  I’m ready to plant some color and get some pots out there.  In need of some outside inspirations?  How about some of these?

Succulents are great!!!  At least for me…so hard to kill and they LOVE the heat!  Need that down in here Oklahoma!

I think that container gardening is absolutely beautiful!  I love the mixture of the different plants…colors, textures, sizes.  My grandfather, I like to think, was the originator of container gardening.  I remember him doing this at a very young age.  He could make any plant grow…always big and beautiful and he always had the most beautiful arrangements of plants together.  He was truly given a gift.

Isn’t there just something so serene about beautiful landscaping?  Wish my backyard could look like this!

Need more outside inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest Great Outdoors folder.

If you need help knowing what plants to plant, a plan already made out for you, or just some more inspirations check out Better Homes and Gardens.  They are a great resource for creating a beautiful garden.

Feel free to click on any of the pictures to be redirected to the original site.

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