My Little Helper

I’ve yet to get around to decorating much of our own house.  There hasn’t been much time lately with everything else that has been going on.

Kaisson, my oldest, has been eager to get his room set up.  I have great plans for it…painting stripes, hanging curtains, making some cool containers with old boxes I have, and some other things.  But, that hasn’t happened yet.  So, he decided that I needed a little help and started decorating himself.  So, he decided to put his Cars cars up.  Priorities in his book.  Good thing about those stick ons…easily can come off when you want it designer decorated and fun for him to put up and move around!

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2 Responses to My Little Helper

  1. Kelli Wineman says:

    He’s precious Hayden! You are such a good mom…you can tell he’s proud of his decorations!

  2. Kim says:

    Wow, he is such a cutie!

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