Question and Answer

Do you have some design questions that you’d like answered?

I know that I’ve had several people ask me some design questions and I would love to answer your questions.

Please send me an email with your questions or leave them in a comment here.  I will start addressing these questions next week and continue till all your questions have been answered.

So, ask away!!!

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2 Responses to Question and Answer

  1. Ann Greenwich says:

    So I’ve picked somewhat of a color scheme for our bedroom. I have chosen a light silvery bluish color and a deep turquoisey color. (the combination doesn’t sound as pretty as it actually is, promise). My question is should I paint the walls in the lighter color and accent with the turquoise or do the walls in the darker color and accent with the lighter?

  2. Elizabeth Mason says:

    I love color… lots of color!! My question is how do I keep my crazy color love under control! I don’t want chaos… just variety.

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