I Love a Good Find!

I love a good find!  I know a lot of times when I’m not even looking for something in particular, that’s when I find ‘the thing’ that I’ve been looking for.

These are two of my latest finds for the house…actually, the only two things that I’ve purchased for this house so far.  I’m itching to get started on decorating my own house…but, that takes time and money…which I don’t have much of either!

The first was the black and white chevron hand towel from Target.  They were in the kitchen specialty items that they change out frequently and I just happened to be picking up groceries and saw them sitting there.  I bought four of them and intend on making them into pillows for the couch or chairs in my family room.

My second find, I had hit up a fabric store for a client.  On my way out I spotted the remnants table and decided to check out what they had.  This gorgeous fabric was just waiting for me!  I bought 3 yards for $15 and had it not been a remnant it would have cost me $90!!!  Love a good bargain!  I plan on making some pillows out of these  for my family room as well.  I can’t wait to see some color and fun going in there!  It’s so bland right now…too much vanilla…we need some spunk and life in there!

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