My Vows

8 years ago today I said, “I do.”  Well, I said a whole lot more than that because Adam insisted that we write our own vows.  Adam is such a sap and was so excited to proclaim his love for me.  I wanted to as well, but I preferred to just say ‘I do’ after the minister said all he needed to say.  But, I reluctantly agreed and started writing my vows. I considered it an awesome experience to get to hear exactly what Adam was vowing to me and I to him.  It was not something off the Internet or out of a book, but something truly from the heart.  So, I began writing.  I remember when I said my vows I was so nervous.  I talked so quickly I’m not sure anyone in the congregation probably understood me.  But he did…and that’s what matters.

Adam and I had recently talked about how we had no idea where our vows were and we could not exactly remember what we had said.  So, as Christmas rolled around I thought he would love it if I could find them.  Well, I couldn’t ever find the written form, but broke out the DVD and sentence by sentence, word by word, re-wrote our vows.  My brother, who is a graphic designer, graciously offered to design them up for me so that I could print them and frame them.

Adam was so super excited and surprised about them as he opened them Christmas morning.  His vows to me, my vows to him, and a song that was sung at our wedding vowing that we would seek God as the center of our marriage and for His help, provision, and direction.

I was excited to hang them in our bedroom in our new house (Please ignore the naked walls!).  Just a simple reminder that through the trials of life we are soul mates…helpmates.  We’ve faced a lot through the years….many years of medical school, me in grad school, 2 baby boys, losing our baby girl at 17 weeks this past summer, financial stresses, and just everyday stresses of life.

Adam, I thank God for you everyday.  I love you more than you will every know.  You uphold me when I’m weak and remind me that God is always in control.  I love your relentless faith.  I’m so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you!!!  I am a very lucky girl!!!


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