Fun Happy

Growing up my Mom would get us little happy’s every once in a while.  She gave me a happy last weekend and I love it!!!

The Robin Egg Soaps are from Pottery Barn and they come in the cutest little carton!  With the soaps was a glass dish from Pottery Barn for $7!

I love my little happy!  It smells great and I decided to put it on my tray in our bathroom.  I love it…the pop of Spring color (I’ve been wanting to paint something this color!), looks/smells fresh and clean, makes me happy, and is such a fun little accessory for Spring!

If you’re looking…I did not see these items on their website.  You might have to hit up your local store!

In case you’re wondering….the silver tray and glass canisters are from Target (they still have them in the kitchen area if you go looking).

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