Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is the time to break out all the nice china and silver!  Time to transform the norm into something beautiful and festive.  It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, it just means you have to think outside the box.  Think about bringing nature inside…simple things like using pumpkins, gourds, and acorns can liven up your tableland bring the nice, fall colors to your table.  Flowers always make beautiful centerpieces and can be purchased for a small price at places like the grocery store, Central Market, and Costco.  Styrofoam, vessel, and some simple arranging will you give you big bang for your buck…and beautiful!  When deciding on a vessel for the flowers, think outside the box.  Perhaps use an old basket, carved out pumpkins/gourds, or do what we did last year and use a soup tureen.  If you are planning on a Thanksgiving dinner, instead of lunch, think about adding drama with the use of candles.  Candles of different sizes can add drama for a small fee.  And for most of us, we have candles throughout our homes.  For some, you may not want to stay in the ‘traditional’ color palette.  Branch out and try silvers, blues, greens, purples, bright greens, and yellows…anything that you like.  Personalize your table with name cards, fun tablecloths, and just have fun with it!

Here are just a few suggestions for making your table a showstopper.

Simple Leaf with Classic White Plate

 Warm, Rich Colors with the Sepia Tone Photographs of Family


Candles Wrapped in Veggies 


Love the Simplicity of the Gold and the White 


 Love the FRESH pop of color!






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