PB Kids Inspired Pillows

So, a while back I came across these really cute pillows from Pottery Barn Kids.  And they gave me an idea.

I thought that they’d be great in the boys room.  So, I decided to DIY them with things that I already had at the house.  The boys are really into super heroes right now, so I thought it’d be so cute to have one pillow say ‘SUPER’ and the other say ‘HERO’.

I started by using some curtains that I had in my college dorm room almost 10 years ago (oh, how time flies!).  I sewed them up to fit the pillow inserts I purchased and created a tie back for an easy on.

I purchased some stitch witchery and some red felt, printed out a font I wanted to use, cut the letters and got started.  The first thing to do was to iron the stitch witchery to the felt.  Once I had done that I placed my letters (flipped to the reverse) onto the stitch witched side of the fabric and traced the letters.  Then I was ready to cut them out.

Once I cut them I placed them where I wanted them, and then followed the directions (from the stitch witchery) to iron them onto the pillow.  It did ask for a very damp cloth to be placed over the items being ironed (that’s what you’ll see in the picture).

To give the pillows the finished look I wanted I did a buffalo stitch around all the letters, which will also be good in making sure they hold up to two wild boys!


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