A Little Bit About Me

This blog started out with people that knew me pretty well.  But as I continue to write I am getting more and more people that I do not know.  So, I just wanted to share some things about me with you.  And yes…it’s random!

1.  I LOVE Sonic and I ALWAYS get a Diet Coke…straight up, nothing else..no vanilla, no cherry, just want my Diet Coke!

2.  I would go to Sonic 3 times a day if I had the money.  For now I scrounge up my quarters and go to Happy Hour once in a while!

3.  I love the beach.  My ideal day would be sitting on the beach, with my Sonic Diet Coke (of course!), book, and chair till the sun had long gone.

4.  I fell in love at the beach.  That’s where I knew I was going to marry Adam.

5.  I used to have a bright blue Jeep Wrangler called ‘Blue Streak’…we’ll keep the story of how it got it’s name for those that it got its name with!

6.  Pretty sure my hubby fell in love with me because I had a Jeep.  Jeep Wranglers can make anyone fall in love!

7.  I am in LOVE with Seattle!  I love how unique it is…beautiful mountains, gorgeous water…truly reminds me of what a great Creator we serve!

8.  I have no will power when it comes to sweets.  If it’s there I’m going to eat it!  So, needless to say this diet I’ve been on only works when chocolate, cookies, etc. are not present!

9.  It drives me crazy when my home is not designed exactly how I want…I like things to be just exactly ‘right’.

10.  Funny thing, I’m totally disorderly in all other areas of life.  I hear it from my hubby on a daily basis…leaving clothes piled up, not making the boys pick up the toys…maybe I’ll get better one day?  Hmmm…or not.

11.  I would love to be a professional pinner for Pinterest…is there such a thing?  Pin and then they pay me to make all the fun things on there.

12.  I am currently obsessed with fonts, numbers, and letters.

13.  I LOVE fabrics!  Take me to a fabric store and I am in hog heaven!  I love getting to mix colors and patterns for hours!!!

14.  When I go anywhere I redesign the space in my head.  Adam always laughs at me because he knows it.  I can’t help it…the designer in me coming out!

15.  I love getting dressed up and going out.  But I LOVE my sweats…nothing better!  I think Adam would prefer the dressing up for me…or at least putting make up on or fixing my hair!  Ha!

16.  I think it would be so fun to design for nurseries and children’s rooms.

17.  I’m currently in love with all things white, gray, and beat up!

18.  I’ve had the same best friend since 7th grade…after 18 years we now share a brain.  One thinks it and the other can say it.  It’s pretty amazing!  I don’t know what I would do without her!

19.  Today my oldest, Kaisson, and I made sugar cookies.  He stirred them up while wearing just his underwear and goggles.  Apparently that makes better cookies…life as a 3 year old!

20.  I love hearing my boys singing.  Their favorite right now is all things Lion King.  It’s pretty funny to hear my just turned 2 year old, who doesn’t really talk, babbling with the right tune.  Too cute!

21.  I’d love to get better at photography and graphic design…so many possibilities and beautiful things to create!

22.  Did I mention that I love creating beautiful things???  Yeah, I love all things beautiful!!!

23.  I’m always cold…fingers freezing, where’s the coffee?

24.  Coffee…don’t drink it much at home, trying to start.  But, I love Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macchiato.  Have you tried the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate?  A-mazing!  Yeah, that’s not really on the diet either!  You can see how well my diet is going!

25.  Most importantly…I’m a child of the King.  Thankful everyday that the Lord is my Savior…He sustains me, He provides for me, and I have JOY because no matter the trials in life I am looking forward to the future..the Eternal.

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