Painted Stripes

Happy Monday!!!  Hope your week is off to a great start!!!  I wanted to share about the stripes today in the boy’s room.

I really wanted to do some type of stripes or two tone color in the boys room.  I already had my curtains, that were from my Master Bedroom at my first house; and they were a red and cream stripe.  So, I didn’t want it to be overkill of stripes.  So, I decided a two-tone look in there would work out good.  I decided to have the line at picture rail height, which I think made the room seem taller and bigger (as well as when we added the curtains).

A while back I posted pictures of stripes and how to paint.  So feel free to check it out here.  But, here’s what we did…

We figured out the height we wanted our first line to be at and marked it.  I believe it was 64″.  We knew that we wanted a 4″ white stripe to give the illusion of a white railing.  So we painted that on very quickly just eye balling it.  I eyeball a lot!  My hubby would not agree with this method…for him, always a tape measurer, level…

Once the white stripe was painted, and had sufficient time to dry,  we found our 64″ height again and began to mark it with the tape.  Make sure to get FrogTape from Sherwin Williams.  It’s the best at preventing messy lines.

We used a laser level to make sure that the line was straight all the way around.  You could do this with one person, but it sure goes faster with two!  My mom was a great help!  So, she held the level and I put up the tape.  You can also use a long, regular level if you’d like.  To be honest, we ended up using both to double check our work.

Once we had the tape up for the lines we went back over it with a damp sponge.  The sponge just needs to be barely wet, but it ensures that there is no bleeding.  Once we let it dry for a few minutes we were ready to paint.  Another way we worked on ensuring no bleeding was to paint with the brush away from the tape.  This helped give us the sharp, crisp line we wanted.  My walls are a light trowel.  So, it made it a little more difficult, but we just tried to make sure we sealed the tape good.

After we painted we pulled the tape off almost immediately.  And voila!  Done!  Here’s just a sneak peek of the walls…more to come this week!

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